Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tip for Removing Crickets from Pet Cages

If you have a pet that needs to be fed crickets and the crickets have multiplied, you may find this helpful. Our scorpions eat crickets, and we have two cages--one for mom and one for the young. I have to buy large crickets for mom and small crickets for the babies. Well, I added large crickets to the mom's cage and yes, they've multiplied, again. A scorpion doesn't eat everyday, and I don't try to remove crickets she hasn't eaten, which is what smart pet-owners do. I mean, have you tried finding and catching crickets in a cage filled with shredded coconut husk?

Anyway, the last time this happened, and we had many, many more crickets than was healthy to keep in the scorpion cage, I came up with a simple way to gather them for removal to a critter keeper to be fed to the scorpion later. I am having that problem again, so I thought I'd write about it.

I put a square, clear plastic container (we buy rice and couscous in this kind of container--and now I feel justified in saving said containers) on its side in the tank, and put cricket food in the container. After just a few minutes or maybe as long as an hour, the crickets will be drawn to the food and hop in. When you are ready to move them, take the lid or a piece of cardboard and put it over the opening to the container and then just dump the crickets wherever you want--outside if you don't want to keep them.

You won't get all of them at one time, but in the last 20 minutes I've been able to transfer crickets twice--once to the baby scorpions' tank and once to a critter keeper. There were at least 10 crickets of various sizes in the container each time. There are still a lot in the mom's tank, so I'll do this all day today and hope to get most of them out. At least I won't have to go buy more crickets for a long time!

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