Monday, August 03, 2009

Our New Hens

The night after we lost the hen to the raccoon, we penned two roosters in a smaller fenced area between (but connected to) the two larger yards. That night some other creature came and killed one of them. The third rooster was in with all the remaining hens in a coop.

So now we're down to 2 roosters and I can't remember how many hens. But it's the younger girls that are being killed, so we bought 5 young Rhode Island Hens (one is kind of hiding in this picture) from friends of ours who raise poultry for food, laying hens, and eggs. These little girls are already laying small eggs. Yeah! We have them in the other coop and aren't letting them out yet, and they won't mingle with the established flock for two weeks. We still need to fortify the fence where the raccoon dug under.

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