Monday, August 03, 2009

What is This?

It grew from this size:

to this size:

between July 20th and July 31st, when if tore itself off of the vine that was climbing the fence. Looks like it could be a pumpkin, but I don't remember planting any pumpkin seeds there. I put them elsewhere. Could just be a volunteer or a stow-away I guess. I know I planted various gourd seeds there. Puzzling.

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Goodjoan said...

Looks like this person has a similar problem. All over the 'net there are people asking "what is this squash?" and most of the replies are that squash do not breed true so any random plant could look like one thing, but taste like another, or be a weird combination of it's parents, like a zucchini that was like pumpkin inside, or a melon that tasted like cucumber.

It does look like a pumpkin though! Are your other pumpkins bearing fruit that looks the same? If not, it could be a random volunteer from some old plants, or dropped by an animal or bird.

Silvia said...

I think it really is a pumpkin! I'll post a photo of it--I've kept it in the laundry room since it fell off the vine, and it's been turning orange very slowly. Almost all orange now!