Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Russells' Farm Situation

I wanted to pass on more information about what's going to be going on at the Russells' farm now:

Howdy folks,

I have an update on the Russell's current situation. Brian
Walden has taken on the job of organizing the needs at the farm . We
took inventory this morning and there are a lot of animals to feed.
Current tally is 60 sheep, 14 goats, 80 cows (4 milking now 15 due to
drop calves soon), and the girl's 2 horses. The current plan is to
sell all the goats and most of the sheep and overwinter most of the
cows at another location that has more grazing. Brian hopes to move
most of the cows out in the next week or so.

Anne Buteau got a load of round bales delivered yesterday and that
will hold the animals at the farm for about 10-14 days. (Thanks

There is no storage for square bales so they are less useful but
could be kept under a tarp...round bales of good quality are what's
most needed. Please call Brian at 566-2277 to discuss donations of
hay. Some will need to come to the farm and some to the other field
and he can let you know what needs to go where. Brian can also he;p
you if you are interested in buying goats or sheep. Many of the cows
will be sold over time, but they haven't decided which yet. If you
have a specific interest in one cow or bull let Brian know and he can
discuss it with the Russells.

If you have a milk share or know someone (not on this list) who does
please come get your milk. There is a bit extra today that is left
from the weekend, but soon will have to go with half shares. They
have not yet decided how many cows to try to keep milking over the
winter. Don't forget to leave your share /contact info on the sheet
on the door. The list (or changes) was something Kathryn kept mostly
in her head and needs to be updated.

One regular and easy chore is laundry. There are 2 mesh bags in the
milk shed...they are labeled one for clean and one for dirty rags.
They go through quite a few rags for each milking and always need some
washed. If you can toss them in with a load and return with the next
milk pick up that would be a big help. Feel free to add in any old
but sturdy rags/wash cloths/ old towels. 12"x12" is about the right

Last but not least...Anne paid for the hay yesterday and it would be
nice to reimburse her. The load was $450 and was really nice hay. If
you would like to make a donation you can send her a check at 6556
James River Rd. Shipman, VA 22971. Any money collected over the
amount for that load will be given to the Russells for other
feed/supplements or future hay needs.

Thanks to everyone for all the help and care and warm thoughts for
this family. Every bit is appreciated and needed just now.

Karen Oxford

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