Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Open Hands Fund for the Benefit of the Russell Family

I'm forwarding this information that I just heard about.

The Open Hands organization has created the Katherine Russell fund for the benefit of the Russell Family.

What this means is that people may write a check to Open Hands (a not-for-profit organization), writing the "Katherine Russell fund" in the memo line of the check. The organization collects the funds and remits them to the Russell family - they can issue checks directly to the family, or for individual bills.

There are two advantages to donating funds in this way: the first is that it may be anonymously done, and the second is that, because the donation is made to a not-for-profit organization, it is tax-deductible as a charitable deduction (if deductions are itemized on the tax return).

Checks to Open Hands, 523 Lexington Avenue, Charlottesville 22902, with a notation that it is for the Katherine Russell fund.

Julie Curry is our contact - her number is 823-1537 and email is, if there are any questions.

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