Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Unschoolers' Gathering

I received this email recently:

GBHL 2010 ExTrAoRdInAiRe!

To the magnificent Great Big Happy Lifers:

Finally- the email I have been hoping to write for a few months now...

Great Big Happy Life 2010 is ON!

Here are our tentative- almost firm plans:

It will likely be in May....

It will likely remain in NJ....

It will probably be at a camp-ish type place again, not a hotel....(maybe at the beach?? wouldn't that be cool?)

We, Great Big Happy Life, are happily partnering with the Enjoy Life Unschooling Conference this year to co-host this non-con conference(yes, that is not a typo)/unschoolers gathering/retreat....so it will be a bit different from last year, but even better and stronger....

We don't have exact dates or locations but should have that by end of January the latest. With a website to follow very quickly so people can get in and get registered!

Thanks to all who offered a hand in helping- once we have more details squared away we should be able to put people to work :)

Please, as we plan this unique event, I need your input! Post about what you loved, generate discussion about what you want to see again...no more sleepy list- now is the time to speak up! From the evaluations we got back this summer, people loved the food and the fact that we catered the event. Are those of you who hated the food just hiding your evaluations? People also loved the 8 minute dating, the talent show and the location. What about you????

It would be great if you could post your answer to this question: What are you hoping to get out of a conference experience?

Thank you all for your patience and support and excitement!

With love and delight:

Jennifer and Chris

I'll be sure to post any updates I get.

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