Thursday, December 31, 2009

Student:Teacher Ratio in Albemarle County

I found it interesting to look at other data reported at the Virginia DOE website I wrote about earlier.

This one here is the Discipline report.
Page 65 has number of students, number of schools/centers, and number of teachers for our region:
Albemarle County: 12,803 / 25 / 1,194

If you just look at the numbers, there is about a 10:1 student:teacher ratio in Albemarle County. That's not bad; not great, but not bad. If they could actually have classrooms with just 10 kids each, it would be a start. Wonder what other interesting data can be found in these reports. Let me know what you find!

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Jim Duncan said...

Nice find.

I'm most interesting in the "incidents" - I'd like to see that broken down by school.