Thursday, December 31, 2009

Va Dept of Education's Enrollment Numbers

Here's the Virginia Department of Education's reports and statistics page, if you are curious about enrollment numbers and numbers of homeschooled kids and those filing under the religious exemption. You can choose the year, back to 1999-2000. In their report for this year's homeschooled/religious exemption data, the column titled "12-Sept" should actually say "9-12," which would be the grade levels.

At any rate, the number of homeschooled kids being reported this year are 396 for Albemarle County, with another 90 under religious exemption. The city of Charlottesville has 76, with no kids under religious exemption. The religious exemption numbers are hard to report accurately, in my opinion, because after filing for religious exemption to the compulsory attendance law, those families do not need to report to the school district anymore. They could have more children reach compulsory attendance age, or have children turn 18, or move out of the county/city, and the school district would not necessarily know.

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