Saturday, January 30, 2010

East Tennessee Unschooled Summer Camp Info

From Laura--

I have the site up and running, you can register anytime now. just a few more details to add to the site but i wanted to get registration rolling!! blurb below but check out the site for more info:

East Tennessee Unschooled Summer Camp
Join us for our very first year of camp
August 8-14, 2010
Buffalo Mountain Camp location

what is ETUSC?
ETUSC is a 6 night summer camp for approximately 80 unschoolers ages 13-18. There will be many activities, camper run workshops, jam sessions, bonfires, swimming, kayaking, counselor mentoring, dancing every night, and much more.

At camp we want to stay true to the unschooling philosophy that learning takes place everywhere, all the time...especially when you're having fun! But above all, we want to encourage and be an example of a lifestyle built on the idea that our children are to be respected and trusted.

It is our hope that our campers will learn more about themselves, make lifelong friendships, and discover new interests...all while having an amazing time in a beautiful setting.

This being our first year, we have a lot of learning and growing to do together. There will be bugs to work out as we go but hopefully not too many big ones!!

laura bowman

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