Saturday, January 09, 2010

Wonderful Sentiment

Marjorie and I served on The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers' Board of Directors together. She continues to write for the VaHomeschoolers Voice, the bimonthly journal of the same organization. I just received my Jan/Feb 2010 issue and loved this analogy from her article. (She gave me permission to pull a quote or two.)

"Long ago, a friend talked of motivating and directing her children as analogous to cultivating a rosebush that might need some pruning in order to bloom optimally. [ . . . ] I worry that I might think I have a rosebush when it turns out I actually have something that blooms best when left alone."
"How do I motivate my children? The very question shows how different my views on education are from whoever is asking the question. My response is to wonder why would I have to motivate my children?" ~ Marjorie Fichter Cole in VaHomeschoolers Voice, "He Said, She Said: Motivating Our Kids," Jan/Feb 2010: pg. 13.

Thanks Marjorie!

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