Sunday, March 14, 2010

QOTD from Passing Strange

"You know it's weird, when you wake up that morning and realize that your entire adult life was based on a decision made by a teenager . . . A stoned teenager." ~Stew

So funny and sad and probably true for lots of us, with or without the stoned part. :)

Eddie happened to catch the rock musical Passing Strange on PBS a few weeks ago. He then put it in the Netflix queue, and we got that the other day. I've watched it with him a couple times. That's were my QOTD comes from. Here's the official website. And here's the "About the Play" bit:
From Los Angeles to Amsterdam to Berlin and back, Passing Strange takes musical theater on a whole new trip. From singer-songwriter and performance artist Stew comes Passing Strange, a daring new musical that takes you on a journey across boundaries of place, identity and theatrical convention. Stew, a popular performer at Joe's Pub, was commissioned by The Public Theater of New York to develop this heartfelt and hilarious story of a young bohemian who charts a course for “the real” through sex, drugs and rock and roll. Loaded with soulful lyrics and overflowing with passion, the show takes us from black, middle-class America to Amsterdam, Berlin and beyond on a journey towards personal and artistic authenticity.
It's hard to describe, but great to watch. Some refrains keep passing through my head like earworms. Especially, "What's inside is just a lie!" And, "Culture is cosmetic." You'll just have to watch the movie now, or you can download the music at iTunes.

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