Thursday, April 22, 2010

Unschooling and Unjournalism

There has been so much happening so quickly since Christine Yablonski and Phil Biegler and their two children appeared on Good Morning America on Monday! And there have been so many responses to the recent media attention concerning radical unschooling it's been hard to keep track of it all.

Here's an article I enjoyed reading: Unschooling and Unjournalism. (Posted using ShareThis).

And this blog post at Blog of the Zombie Princess has a collection of links to tv appearances, as well as responses: Unschoolers Respond. Lots to read over there.

I don't think there was a link to the interview on the Joy Behar show, which was much more positive than the first GMA piece.

This Facebook page, Living the Unschooling Life, was started by Christine and Phil to share what's been going on since their interviews, to announce any future radio or tv interviews, and to talk about unschooling, of course!

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