Friday, July 09, 2010

A Few Recent Pictures to Share

My brother and his wife and adorable kids are in town visiting. We went bowling one day--

We've got bluebird babies about ready to fledge. The parents are waiting to feed them.

And we've always got something interesting happening down at the chicken coop.

This poor little hen was attacked by a fox but I think I disturbed it and ran it off before it could kill her. She had a huge bruise on her neck/back, which is looking much better. She can move all appendages and her neck. She just won't sit or stand up. So we're nursing her back, hoping she just needs to recover from bruising. Kind of a hysterical picture though. :) Sometimes we go to see her and she's managed to push herself onto her back. Not how you normally picture a living chicken!

And this is one of our handsome roosters.

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Mom of 2 princesses said...

That is a big snake! I need to come check out your little farm one day!

Pearl said...

I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog so I included a link to it on our Secular Homeschooling Resources page.

BTW, what did you do with the snake?