Thursday, July 01, 2010

July Blog Carnival--Night Life

This month's carnival by Enjoy Life Unschooling is about Night Life:


For July the topic for our blog carnival is: burning the midnight oil, unschooling sleep and sleeplessness. Posts from seasoned and new unschoolers are welcome.

If you like to work from writing prompts here are some questions to get you going:

  • What are some of your favorite late night adventures?
  • Ever had your kids want to do or talk about something late at night?
  • Did you transition to “no bedtimes” or did it all flow naturally?
  • How and where does everyone sleep? Family bed? Musical beds?
  • How do you and your spouse get “quality time” together?
  • How do you get your personal needs met when kids are “up all night”?
  • When visiting family and friends, do you get questions or unpleasant comments? How do you deal?

The deadline for submissions is June 28 – please send links to your submissions to

Look forward to reading your stories!
The crew at Enjoy Life Unschooling

There are a bunch of great posts to read over there:

"This month we have several posts from unschooling bloggers about bed times, sleep, and nighttime fun. They are tales of adventure, informative pieces, personal stories and thoughts of perspective shifts."

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